Auguste Rodin, Seated nude folding forward

Auguste Rodin, Seated nude folding forward– Demos from my Drawing with #30… Infinite Rodin! session.

Seated nude folding forward.  Auguste Rodin Drawing by Roberto Osti

“Seated Nude Folding Forward” is a drawing created by the renowned French sculptor Auguste Rodin in 1910/11.

The artwork depicts a seated nude figure leaning forward, rendered using pencil and a stump on paper. The drawing is currently housed in the Musée Rodin in Paris, France.

The drawing “Seated Nude Folding Forward” exemplifies Rodin’s mastery of form and his ability to convey a sense of movement and intimacy through his artwork. The use of pencil and stump on paper provides a delicate and subtle rendering of the figure’s contours and textures, emphasizing the tactile qualities of the medium. As part of the Musée Rodin’s collection, the drawing is preserved and displayed to showcase Rodin’s diverse artistic output and offer insight into his creative process. The museum, located in Paris, is dedicated to preserving and exhibiting Rodin’s works, including his sculptures, drawings, and other personal belongings. It serves as a tribute to his significant contributions to the art world and continues to inspire and engage visitors from around the globe.

About Auguste Rodin:

Auguste Rodin, born on November 12, 1840, in Paris, was a prominent sculptor of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

He is considered one of the pioneers of modern sculpture and is renowned for his innovative techniques and expressive style.

Rodin’s artistic approach was characterized by his ability to capture the human form with intense realism and emotion. His sculptures often showcased a deep understanding of human anatomy, as well as a keen attention to detail. Rodin’s works explored themes of human suffering, passion, and spirituality, capturing the complexities and contradictions of the human experience.

While Rodin is primarily recognized for his sculptures, he also created numerous drawings and sketches throughout his career. These works served as studies and preparatory pieces for his sculptures, allowing him to experiment with different poses, compositions, and techniques.

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Seated nude folding forward. Auguste Rodin Drawing by Roberto Osti

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roberto osti
roberto osti
Roberto Osti teaches figure drawing and human anatomy for artists at the New York Academy of Art and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Formally trained as a medical illustrator before becoming a fine artist, Osti has contributed his work to many science and art publications. His paintings have been exhibited in galleries in Europe and the United States. He is the author of Basic Human Anatomy (2016), an art instruction best seller and classic reference book. His latest book , Dynamic Human Anatomy has been released in March 2021.

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Seated nude folding forward, Auguste Rodin
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