Michelangelo: Male Back With a Flag

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Michelangelo: Male Back With a Flag

This beautiful study by Michelangelo, portrays the back of a “sbandieratore”, loosely translatable as “flagger”, if it’s even a word, or, maybe, flagbearer.

The sbandieratori were an important mean of communication during battle, signaling strategies and movements to the troops on the battlefield by means of flags that were also thrown up high in the air so that they could be seen at a distance.

These young men were fit and with sculpted musculature, and that’s probably why Michelangelo used one of these soldiers as a model, creating a beautiful drawing that shows a deep knowledge of anatomy, great sense of volume, and impeccable technique.

Male Back With a Flag  is a drawing on paper, 19.6 x 27 cm and is a part of the collection of the Albertina, Vienna.

Male Back With a Flag is a preliminary study for the monumental wall painting The Battle of Cascina, which Michelangelo planned to paint next to Leonardo’s Battle of Anghiari in the Palazzo della Signoria in Florence. Both paintings were never completed and are only known through preparatory drawings and copies.

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Drawing with… Michelangelo!

Male Back With a Flag


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roberto osti
roberto osti
Roberto Osti teaches figure drawing and human anatomy for artists at the New York Academy of Art and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Formally trained as a medical illustrator before becoming a fine artist, Osti has contributed his work to many science and art publications. His paintings have been exhibited in galleries in Europe and the United States. He is the author of Basic Human Anatomy (2016), an art instruction best seller and classic reference book. His latest book , Dynamic Human Anatomy has been released in March 2021.

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Michelangelo: Male Back With a Flag
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