New York Academy of Art, Graduate Program in Figurative Art, New York, NY, Masters of Fine Art cum laude, May 2007. Awarded two merit scholarships in 2005 and 2006 Awarded a one week workshop with noted British painter Jenny Saville.

Art Students League, New York, New York, non-credit studies in oil painting with Lisa Specht and Barbara Adrian, 1996-2001.

Bologna University, Bologna, Italy, Superior School for Anatomical/Surgical Drawing, degree in Anatomical/Surgical Drawing, with honors, 1982.

State Institute of Art, Bologna, Italy, Diploma in Art, 1973-1978.

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  • University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA, Master Artist Lecturer in Figure Anatomy, Fall 2006-present.
  • Drew University, Caspersen Graduate School, Madison, New Jersey, 2002-present, and Lecture: “Visual History of Medicine,” 2002. Courses: Introduction to Medical and Scientific Illustration The Sublime Body and the Rational Body Mystical Images Renaissance and Anti-Renaissance The Botany of Healing Chambers of Wonder: depicting and collecting for science The Body Between Art and Science.
  • Bloomfield College, Bloomfield, NJ 2003-2004. Courses: Watercolor Painting Oil Painting Landscape Painting Introduction to Painting Introduction to the Visual Arts Drawing from Nature Illustration Scientific Illustration Water Media Methods of Teaching Art (Independent Study) Fine Arts Skills in Computer Art (Independent Study).
  • Yard School of Art, Montclair Museum of Art, 2003, 2007.

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  • Cambridge Seven Associates, aquariums in Baltimore and Genoa, 1991 and mural for Ohio River Islands National Wildlife Refuge, Visitor’s Center/Aquarium, 2007.
  • Multiple publications with each of the following publishers: Natural History Magazine, Scientific American Magazine, Scientific American Mind, Scientific American Explorations, Scientific American Books, Prentice Hall, Scholastic Books, MacGraw Hill, New York Times-Science Times, Wexcards—Progressive Publishing, Oxford University Press, National Academy of Sciences, Houghton-Mifflin, Templeton Foundation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • Rizzoli Publishing, Mondadori Publishing, Focus Magazine, Province of Emilia-Romagna, Bologna Hospitals Second Medical Clinic.
  • A complete list of publications is available upon your request.

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  • In preparation, New York, NY, “Figures” (tentative title), Medialia Gallery, June July 2009 ( Iam also the curator of this exhibit ), exhibit of drawings centered on the human figure.
  • Bologna, Italy, international Juried show, “BiomedicalArt2008” Hosted by the University of Bologna Museum of Palazzo Poggi, April- June 2008
  • New York, NY, “Expressing Anatomy”, Medialia Gallery, June 14-July 19 2008 (I am also the curator for this exhibit), exhibit of figurative Art centered on the human figure
  • New York, NY,” Transformable Objects’ Medialia Gallery, December2007-January2008, group exhibit
  • Scientific American Magazine awarded me with a slide show of my works in their official web site, June, July, August 2008
  • South Orange, NJ, Essexexposed 5, Pierro Gallery, September 9, October 14 2007, juried exhibition of Essex County Artists
  • Philadelphia, PA, Phillustration ’07, juried exhibition of Illustration at the Philadelphia Sketch Club, September 14 – 30
  • New York, NY, June-July 2007, “Young Tradition” Medialia Gallery
  • New York, NY, May 2007, Master of Fine Arts Diploma Exhibition, New York Academy of Art
  • Bloomfield, NJ, August-October 2006, “Defying Boundaries: the Art of Roberto Osti,” One-man show at Bloomfield College Westminster Art Gallery
  • New York, NY, March-April 2006, “AcademyAnatomyAcademy” at the New York Academy of Sciences, show of figure drawings
  • South Orange, NJ, September 2005, “Essex Exposed” at the Pierro Gallery, Juried Exhibit
  • Bologna, Italy, September 2005, “Images of Science” at the University of Bologna
  • New York, NY, September 2005, “Horses,” Mehu Gallery
  • New York, NY, October 2003, “Flight,” Mehu Gallery
  • Ringwood, NJ, May-June 2003, Group Exhibit
  • New York, NY, February 2003, “The Shape of Things,” Mehu Gallery, one-artist exhibit
  • Bloomfield, NJ, November-January, 2001-2002, “Journeys Within and Beyond,” Bloomfield College
  • New York, NY, February 2002, “Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright,” Mehu Gallery
  • Newark, NJ, April 2001, “An Aesthetic Plane: a Myriad of Approaches” Iandor Fine Arts
  • Monte Carlo, 1998, “Le Poissons,” International Exhibit of marine wildlife art covering the field from the 1500’s to today, Oceanographic Museum of Monte Carlo
  • Milan, 1993, Illustrations of Fish and Animals for an exhibit at the Milan Aquarium
  • Bologna, 1985, “La Rosa Dipinta,” at Museum of Modern Art. Exhibit of Illustrations for the novel The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco. The illustrations were then presented to Jean Jacques Annaud, director of the film for design development.
  • Reggio Emilia, Italy, 1980, “Occhio Iperocchio Rotta di Avvicinamento a Proteo.” Exhibit on images obtained with telescopes, microscopes, infrared and other technological devices, on rhythm and its alterations; on vegetable and animal species obtained through cross breeding

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