New Renaissance Atelier

I find it very illuminating and reassuring that during this period of forced social isolation, many people are deciding to pursue the arts, finally being able to devote time to learn an instrument, to write, read, paint or draw. Meeting with other students on line, being part of a group of people that share similar interests and passions is a surrogate way of socializing and tells us how much we need the company of our fellow humans.

During the last few months I have seen a great increase in the number of students enrolled in my courses, mostly from the United stated but also from Canada, England, and other places abroad and I have realized that this is the perfect moment to start my New Renaissance Atelier.

All my courses are now offered on line but I am planning to schedule a variety of workshops and study travels abroad as soon it will be safe to do so.  

The teaching approach I developed during the last 3 lustra is inspired by the holistic methods of the Renaissance based on observation, direct experience and a harmonious blend of aesthetics and technical mastery.

My teaching method is systematized in my two anatomy and figure drawing books and instructional videos and has found the approval of the many students I have been working with in my Anatomy, Figure Drawing, Cast Drawing and Watercolor courses.
Learning to “read” the subject rather than merely imitating it is an active approach conducive to enjoy making art and learn faster.
The first two courses scheduled are two of the most popular I recently offered in my online classes, I am sure you will enjoy them too.