Drawing with… Andrea del Sarto!


Drawing with… Honore’ Daumier!


Drawing with Burne Jones!

Burne Jones, one of the main exponents of the Pre-Raphaelites artistic movement, created many beautiful portraits of romanticized female and male beauties. The technique he used is pretty straightforward: graphite, charcoal or pastel, but he nonetheless obtained excellent results with these media. Join me, on December, Tuesday 7th, for this 2;30 hours session of “Drawing with…” where we will enjoy copying some of these delightful portraits.

Drawing with Paul Cadmus!


Drawing with Georges Seurat!

Paul Cadmus was a fantastic draftsman, his artworks are a perfect example of the Florentine Structural Method, that he used to create gorgeous drawings of the human figure in incredible variety of poses: foreshortened, sitting, standing, at rest in action, and many portraits that capture expressions, beauty and mood of the sitter. This session of “Drawing with…” is dedicated to this great modern Master, that kept alive and developed and re-proposed in modern key, a 500 years old drawing method that spans back to the Renaissance and is one of the fundamental drawing methods that any artist would enjoy and benefit from practicing.

Drawing with Kathe Kollwitz!

athe Kollwitz works are passionate, powerful, touching, in short, beautiful. This session of “Drawing with…” is dedicated to this master of expressionism that was able to capture the passions and emotions, struggles and toils of the common people during a period that spans both world wars. Her drawing techniques are varied and eclectic, and copying some of her artworks is an interesting and stimulating way to explore creative approaches in art making.
Drawing with Kathe Kollwitz!
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