Drawing with... Kathe Kollwitz!

Drawing: Kathe Kollwitz
Tuesday, November 16 | 6:00 - 8:30 PM EST

40 US$

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Drawing with... Kathe Kollwitz

Kathe Kollwitz works are passionate, powerful, touching, in short, beautiful.

This session of “Drawing with…” is dedicated to this master of expressionism that was able to capture the passions and emotions, struggles and toils of the common people during a period that spans both world wars.

Her drawing techniques are varied and eclectic, and copying some of her artworks is an interesting and stimulating way to explore creative approaches in art making.


Charcoal, red (sanguine) and white chalk, pencils (HB-B), pen and black ink, a couple of round watercolor brushes (#2 and #8 will do), good quality drawing paper, I like Stonehenge Legion paper pads in white or “colors”, an assortment of lightly toned paper, 11”by 14”.

You can also use any paper you like or you are used to, but make sure it can withstand a light ink wash if needed. You will also need eraser and pencil sharpener.

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roberto osti
roberto osti
Roberto Osti teaches figure drawing and human anatomy for artists at the New York Academy of Art and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Formally trained as a medical illustrator before becoming a fine artist, Osti has contributed his work to many science and art publications. His paintings have been exhibited in galleries in Europe and the United States. He is the author of Basic Human Anatomy (2016), an art instruction best seller and classic reference book. His latest book , Dynamic Human Anatomy has been released in March 2021.

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Drawing with Kathe Kollwitz!
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