Drawing with... Pontormo!

Drawing: Jacopo da Pontormo
Tuesday, October 19 | 6:00 - 8:30 PM EST

40 US$

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Drawing with….Pontormo

An ongoing show at the MET is honoring the Mannerists, a group of artists active in Italy in the 16th century, between the high Renaissance and the Baroque. Jacopo Carrucci, aka Pontormo, is one of my favorite artists of this short lived yet revolutionary period. During this 2:30 hours online session, we will copy and study a few drawings by Jacopo da Pontormo, appreciating his uniquely expressive style, full of pathos and dynamism, a great way to prepare for a visit to the MET, where you can find some of his original works exhibited.


Colored pencils, Conte crayon or cretacolor pastels in sticks or pencils, in red earth colors, such as Sanguine, Venetian red, Indian red or burnt sienna. Charcoal in sticks or pencils. Decent quality drawing paper: Strathmore Drawing series 400 medium surface is a good overall choice but you can use any drawing paper you have or you are used to. I would stay away from newsprint paper or plate finish paper. Erasers, pencil sharpeners and sand paper. Please email me about any questions you might have about the course or the materials

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roberto osti
roberto osti
Roberto Osti teaches figure drawing and human anatomy for artists at the New York Academy of Art and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Formally trained as a medical illustrator before becoming a fine artist, Osti has contributed his work to many science and art publications. His paintings have been exhibited in galleries in Europe and the United States. He is the author of Basic Human Anatomy (2016), an art instruction best seller and classic reference book. His latest book , Dynamic Human Anatomy has been released in March 2021.

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Drawing with… Pontormo!
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