Open Drawing Sessions #34 Drawing on Toned Paper

This open Drawing session is dedicated to drawing the figure on toned paper with charcoal and white chalk.

Drawing the figure on toned paper is a very efficient and fun way to create convincing volumes, capturing the luminosity of the subject and the sense of depth around it.

This technique permits also to draw relatively faster than drawing on white paper, since the value of the paper does not need to be rendered. Using toned paper makes it also easier to experiment with temperature contrast, for example, using a warm red earth color on cool blue-gray paper.

This is a very efficient and time honored technique that is indispensable for the figurative artist: think of the innumerable works that have been created during the centuries with this method. During this 2:30 hour session, we will be working using reference photos and copying few master’s works, to explore a variety of styles by old and modern Masters.



  • Tan or gray toned paper, you can also bring a sheet of each and decide in class. Good brands for toned pare are Canson, Mi tributes, Fabriano, Hahnemhulle.
  • Charcoal sticks in hard, medium and soft gradations, Nitram is an excellent brand, but you can use any charcoal brand you are used to. Do not use willow charcoal because it is too weak for our purposes.
  • Compressed charcoal in pencils in medium and soft gradations, General’s is Avery good and cheap brand.
  • White chalk in pencils and/or sticks.
  • Kneaded eraser and sand paper.

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ODS #34 Drawing on Toned Paper
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