Dear Students,

Our community of Artists has been steadily growing since the first two New Renaissance Atelier courses were offered in December 2020, just one year ago.

Since then, we have expanded the variety of courses offered, proposed new formats such as the shorter Open Drawing Sessions that seem to be well appreciated, and the innovation of the courses library. In an effort to continue improving the quality of your experience with the New Renaissance Atelier, I am creating an Academic Plan that can help you systematize your choice of courses if you so choose.

I am also developing a new group of courses such as “Sketchbook Sketching”, Oil painting, and Pastel.

Below is a brief description of the general organization of the courses, that are organized into two main groups: Core and Practice.

New Renaissance Atelier Academic Plan 2022

The Core Groups are organized in 2 of a few courses that deal with different aspects of a specific topic. These courses are not necessarily sequential and can be taken in any order, the students can also take only the courses they are interested in.

The Practice courses are perfect to continue developing concepts studied in the core courses, to experiment with new techniques, to develop or refine technique or personal style and to practice drawing or painting in general.

Core Courses: Anatomy Core, Portrait Core, Figure Drawing Core, Watercolor Core, Oil Painting Core, Drawing Core.

Practice Courses: Open drawing Sessions, Practice Sessions, Workshops in person and remote.