New York Academy of Art – 2016 Art & Culture Lecture – The Site of the Soul – Roberto Osti

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His workshop is full, but you can still learn from this incredible expert on human anatomy at a free lecture!

Artists, art lovers, students, collectors and just the plain curious, are encouraged to attend this free lecture and book signing by Roberto Osti. Osti, an expert on anatomy and figurative art, will discuss how the knowledge of anatomy, or the lack of it, has influenced the way artists have represented the human body in art during the millennia.

Osti will explain the evolution of the body in art from the poised and controlled human figures of the Classical period to the Hellenistic bodies animated and contorted by overwhelming passions; from the codified images of the Byzantine period to the bodies of the upward reaching gothic figures; and the Renaissance revolution and how it revived anatomy both for art and science. The Baroque, Neoclassical and Romantic periods will also be discussed and the effect that Science and Pseudoscience had on the Arts and Culture of specific Historical times

The talk will be supported by a Powerpoint presentation.

Immediately following the lecture, Osti will be available to sign his newly published book, Basic Anatomy: An Essential Guide for Artists.

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