Open Drawing Sessions | Sketching the Female Figure

Thursday, July 29 | 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

30 US$

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Open Drawing Session #13 is dedicated to sketching the Female figure.

During this 1:30 hour session, we will create a number of quick, fresh sketches of the Female figure in a variety of poses, using colored pencils, conte crayons, charcoal.

This ODS is an excellent occasion to loosen up our drawing technique, create expressive, dynamic and gestural drawings and have fun doing so.

This is a list of materials that we will most likely use during this session: Conte Crayon or equivalent, in sticks and-or pencil, colored pencils, graphite, charcoal. Use decent quality drawing paper such as Strathmore drawing, you can also use any materials you like or are used to, such as Ballpoint pen or markers.

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