Open Drawing Sessions | Drawing Skull, front and side view!

Tuesday, May 25 | 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

30 US$

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Skulls are everywere nowadays: on the back of pick up trucks, pirate flags, bottles of poison, tattooed on chests, backs and shoulders.

Most of them look funny though, and that's fine, but if you are an artist interested in portraiture, you might want to learn the secret to draw a skull with accurate proportions.

The 5th Open Drawing Session is dedicated to drawing the human skull from the front and side views; you will learn its proportions, main landmarks, planes and positioning of the facial features—indispensable knowledge to give your portraits a good sense of three dimensionality, correct proportions and solidity.

You will also be able to make a wicked skull tattoo!

Join me in May 25from 6:00 to 7:30 to takle this everlasting and compelling subject!


Zoom: (I will set up a short Zoom session to discuss the materials needed and also practice connecting via Zoom).

Drawing paper: a pad of Strathmore Drawing, series 400, 12” by 18” or 11” by 14” or Strathmore Bristol vellum surface series 300, 11” by 14”; Strathmore charcoal paper toned, 12” by 18”. You can also use or experiment with any other brand and type of paper you like or have: Canson, Fabriano, etc. or buy paper by the sheet.

Compressed Charcoal in sticks and pencils. General's is a good and cheap brand. White chalk in pencils or sticks, General's again makes a very good and cheap chalk pencil. Vine charcoal in square sticks, preferably Nitram in soft and medium gradation (B and HB). Graphite pencils in HB-2B-4B gradations will suffice.

Blending stump, erasers (mars plastic, kneaded eraser, Chamois, General’s Factis mechanical eraser or Tombows Mono Zero mechanical eraser.

Red, black and white Conte crayon pastel or colored pencils. The red should be an earth red such as Venetian red or Indian red. And finally, sharpening tools and sand paper.