So, I receive a request for how to draw the head from at the core of you so here we go.

I like to start with today with a pencil you know held this way my aim is to start discussing a few ways of drawing a few techniques,  so we start with blocking in the volume of the head right as we always done with them this time with a very loose in a very loose ratio softly gasps right meaning this kind of an approximative volume it’s not too precise on purpose, because I’m just kind of exploring options.

So here now I’m gonna block in they this is the cranial volume this is the face; all the face I need a facial volume and after that I’m gonna think.

Okay, this is going to be the the the center line it goes through the forehead central forehead and the nose in the middle of the mouth right so this is a time-honored method it’s not nothing new but basically what it is is… Continue viewing the video!

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Thanks for watching, and please post any questions below 🙂
How to Draw the Head and the planes of the Head from a 3/4 point of view
Thanks to @Bilbo Bunghole for the request!

Roberto Osti | Drawing – Anatomic Art Teacher

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