August 17-24, Wellfleet.

Come to Cape Cod, for a week of painting with fellow artists, enjoy its restoring nature and timeless atmosphere, create new memories and make new friends, follow in the tracks of the many great artists that found at the Cape their artistic inspiration and, like them,  practice painting the many landscapes this place has to offer, using your favorite media: watercolor, oil, or drawing media.

Each day of the workshop is divided in two painting sessions

  • one in the morning, from about 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM
  • and one in the afternoon-evening, from about 4:00 Pm to 7:30 PM

This schedule will permit us to avoid the hottest moment of the day, have a restoring lunch break and maybe spend some time relaxing on the beach. 

The schedule is flexible and we can change it-adapt in case of need.

Open to All levels

The workshop is open to all levels, as I will give each student specific advice, comments and training according to the level and needs of each student.

We will practice a variety of painting and drawing techniques, going over fundamentals as needed such as how to do washes in watercolor, paint wet on wet, wet on dry and everything in between, including dry brush and textural effects. For oil painting, we will learn how to obtain the proper paint consistency, block in the main areas of color over the initial composition, and to visualize the tonal and chromatic balance before starting to develop the painting in detail. We will also be practicing drawing techniques to prepare compositional studies before starting to paint or to create finished works, using charcoal, graphite, crayons, but also pen and ink, markers, ballpoint pen

Wellfleet: the center of operations

Wellfleet will be the center of operations. 

The tuition includes only the instruction, the students will arrange their own accommodation, meals, parking fee...

Each morning and afternoon we will meet at a designated location to paint and draw. These locations include the beaches on the bay or ocean side of Wellfleet, Provincetown, the fresh water ponds, wooded areas in nature preserves. There are many restaurants in the area and were we can have dinner together, deciding on an individual and daily basis. 

You must rent a place in Wellfleet to have access to the parking lots for Wellfleet’s beaches.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have:

Cost of the Workshop

The Workshop will be held during the week of August 17-24; the cost of the workshop is $1,200 and only includes the instruction.

Clicking on the button on the left to Register.
After you registered, I will send you an email message asking you to pay a $200 deposit, to book your spot.
The students will arrange their own accommodation, which is not included in the cost of the workshop. I have included below a few rental agencies where you can choose the accommodation that fits your budget.