Open Drawing Session | Facial Expressions!

Tuesday, May 11 | 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

30 US$

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Facial Expressions!

Practice smiling, frowning, screaming, laughing and a variety of other emotions with this series of Open Drawing Sessions dedicated to the facial expressions.

During this first 1 ½ hour drawing session, we will start learning to properly position the facial features in the face, following with drawing at least two facial expressions.

More Open Drawing Sessions on facial expression will follow in the next few months, alternating with Open Drawing Sessions dedicated to other topics related to drawing the human figure.


  • A pad or sketchbook of drawing paper of decent quality like Strathmore or Canson, at least 8 ½” by 11” or bigger, it is better not to use newsprint paper because it is low quality. You can also use loose sheets of white or toned paper
  • Graphite pencils in HB-2B
  • A couple of colored pencils may be useful, I like to use a blue pencil and a red earth pencil (Venetian red, Indian red, burnt Sienna and so on)
  • Erasers and sharpening tools, sand paper is also very useful to touch up the tip of your pencil
  • Feel free to use any other drawing tool you like or you are used to, such as marker, pen and ink, ballpoint pen, silverpoint, charcoal, flamethrower…