A cool workshop of Portrait Drawing and Art watching

3-11 January 2024

This New Renaissance Atelier Workshop, is dedicated to the Portrait in studio with models and visiting many of the Museums and archeological sites that Rome has to offer.

Theory, practice, and Art Histtory are the ingredients for this comprehensive, holistic Portrait Drawing workshop, and Rome, with its inexhaustible amount of artworks, is the perfect place where to hold it.

The morning will be dedicated to 4 hour portrait drawing sessions with models from life, practicing a variety of drawing techniques, studying essential elements of portraiture such as structure and anatomy of the head, characteristics of the facial features and positioning on the face, practicing measuring, practicing drawing techniques associated with portrait drawing such as charcoal and chalk on toned paper, reduction technique, red and black crayons, graphite on white paper.  

The afternoons will be dedicated to visiting museums where works by some of the greatest figurative artists from antiquity by Classic and Hellenistic masters or produced during the Renaissance and Baroque periods by artists such, Velasquez Bernini, Caravaggio.

During these museum visits, the students will have the opportunity to take photographs of the many artworks there exibited, and create a personal file of reference images that can be source of inspiration, and occasion for drawing practice once at home.

Why go to Rome during the Winter?

Rome in Winter is a different, very enjoyable experience: the number of tourists is much smaller, museums and sites that are usually very crowded during the Summer season, have a much smaller number of visitors during the Winter.

The number of artworks, museums and archeological sites that can be found in Rome is staggering, each museum contains works by some of the greatest masters that ever lived. In fact, the whole city of Rome can be considered a museum, making it fun to explore the city, walking from the Pantheon, one of the best preserved of all the ancient Roman buildings, where the tomb of Raphael can be found, to Piazza Navona, where one can admire the works of two masters of the Baroque period: Bernini’s Fountain of Rivers and Borromini’s church of Santa Agnese in Agone.

Or do the Caravaggio tour, visiting the three churches where some of the best and most famous Caravaggio’s paintings can be found.. All these works will give us occasion to study a great variety of facial expressions: ecstasy, rage, elation, determination, fear, happiness.

The infinite number of sculptural portraits for antiquity that can be found in the innumerable Roman museums, will give us the rare occasion to study the classical and Hellenistic parameters of beauty and harmony but also the many examples of Roman Portraiture, depicting the sitter in very realistic detail, connecting us with people that lived 2,000 years ago in Rome.

For this workshop, we also planned a special field trip to an incredible place: the Etruscan tombs of Tarquinia and Cerveteri, where frescoes depicting life scenes of these ancient inhabitants of central Italy and the remains of Etruscan dwellings.

A second field trip is dedicated to Hadrian’s Villa, the magnificent abode of the 2nd century Emperor located in Tivoli. This is probably the biggest of all the Roman villas and definitely the most impressive

Join me, from January 3 to 11, 2024 for this intensive Portrait Drawing and Art History workshop in Rome, enjoying art, food and enjoy the company of other art enthusiasts.






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